The Jornada Research Institute: Ceremonial Depictions of Bighorn Sheep Anthropomorphs

On Sunday, February 16th, JRI’s Research Associate Margaret Berrier will present at Casa de Suenos restaurant on some of her most recent research. Her presentation will be on Ceremonial Depictions of Bighorn Sheep Anthropomorphs.

The Jornada Research Institute has arranged to occupy the south room of the restaurant, beginning at 5:30 pm for dinner for those who wish to have a meal before Margaret’s presentation.
Announce yourself to the receptionist at the restaurant as attending the
JRI presentation.

We anticipate her presentation beginning at 6:30, after most have finished their meal, and we should conclude before 8:00 pm.

Seating is limited ca. 40 although we may be able to make room for a few
more. Dinner is not required but we appreciate your patronage of Casa de
Suenos for making this space available to us. Drinks are also available.

From the Speaker:

The Jornada Mogollon region is known for its rich body of rock art. Researchers have suggested that elements such as cloud terraces, masks, goggle-eyed figures, and horned serpents are associated with ceremony. Some researchers suggest that Mesoamerica heavily influenced the Jornada Mogollon people. Although hundreds of bighorn sheep images exist in the regional rock art these figures aren’t usually mentioned except in a general inventory of frequently found motifs. Nonetheless, there are some unusual anthropomorphs with bighorn sheep headdresses that suggest a possible ceremonial use. These images appear mostly in the eastern Jornada Mogollon as delineated by Lehmer (1948). Other highly stylized bighorn sheep images as well as artifacts and a few examples of bighorn sheep on Mimbres pottery also contribute to the evidence that bighorn sheep had ceremonial use. But where is the connection between the bighorn and Mesoamerica?

There are many cultures in the West and Southwest, including imagery in the Coso Range of California, the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and parts of Utah, which include bighorn sheep imagery with similar attributes. Although this presentation will concentrate on the Jornada Mogollon region of southern New Mexico, West Texas, and northern Mexico, some comparisons will be made with these other areas. This theme may, indeed, be pan-Indian and the Jornada Mogollon not as heavily influenced by Mesoamerica as researchers have suggested.

The Lincoln Forest Circuit: A Guide to Authentic Lodging Experiences

Have you started to plan an unforgettable Valentine’s Day with the love of your life?

“Unforgettable” is not in the amount of money you spend, but in the thought and details behind your actions, do you agree?

As I was trying to figure out what would be the best way for you to experience The Lincoln Forest Circuit NM with the love of your life, I had to just remember how much details really mean in a committed relationship.

I am so excited for you to see all the amazing, and very authentic lodging experiences in this map, that will definitely make your trip a loving memory for you and your ❤️❤️

This is the map, but expect to see some upcoming posts in which I will be sharing how these very awesome, authentic, and unique lodging experiences will be able to make your Valentines Day a treasured experience for years to come.

I include in this map where to stay in: Ruidoso, Cloudcroft, Alamogordo, Tularosa, Mayhill, Lincoln, Tinnie, Carrizozo and at the same time make wonderful and loving memories. I include lodging accommodations that are unique, quirky, exuberant, and that are able to offer many different ways in which to explore and experience the Spirit of the Southwest.

A Day Trip for History Lovers!

Whether you are coming from Las Cruces, Albuquerque, Roswell, or Artesia and visiting the Lincoln Forest Circuit this will only be a 1:22 minute drive (according to Google).

If you are into history, short on time and trying to get the best into one day trip; this will be it.

What to do at each site will depend on your personal tastes. There is camping, hiking, and other activities I have not gone into detail here because it is supposed to be a short trip.
I will be posting more themed day trips sure to inspire you and make you want to come and visit…again, again and again.

The Art Trail

When you visit the Lincoln Forest Circuit and everything-art is your favorite part of a trip, knowing where to spend your time needs some planning. On this map I have included galleries, artist studios, and places where you will have access to our best local artists.